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Natural wood products are subject to variations in weight, density, colour, grain and performance. Some swelling, shrinkage, movement and cracking are normal occurrences in timber. 

If you paint or stain your timber dark colours this may enhance the speed of the swelling, shrinkage, movement and cracking and as this is out of our control, we cannot be held liable when this occurs.

Timber may also have knots in it, this also a normal occurrence.

All species of timber will grey off over time.

With time gaps will most likely appear between palings when fixed into a Gate or Fence Panel.


Best practice is:

Do not paint Radiata pine with a colour that is below 45% LRV.

Use two coats of oil based primer and a further two coats of a product such as Dulux X10 as the top coat, priming and painting the cut edges as well.


Q: Do you manufacture using aluminium or stainless steel for your Gates and Fencing?

A: We specialise is both aluminium and stainless steel. 

Aluminium doesn’t rust unlike wrought iron and steel that is non galvanised or has exposed welding. Aluminium is the preferred metal in coastal situations.

Stainless steel is also a favoured metal especially in marine products for its non corrosiveness and strength.


Q: Do you make wood Gates/Fencing?

A: We do not make solely wood gates or fencing. We only manufacture aluminium Gate Frames, we do not fix the wood to the Gate Frames for you.


Q: Will the powder coat match my fence, house colour, joinery etc?

A: Yes our powder coaters use the Dulux Powder Coating range and it can be used to match to existing products. If you wish to choose from the Kinetic, Electro and Mannix range they are approximately 25% more expensive than the standard range.


Q: Do you repair gates?

A: If it is made of aluminium and stainless steel we can repair it. We will give you a quote first as it may cost more than you are expecting or it may not be worth repairing. Sometimes it is more cost effective to replace it with a new gate. 

We have a minimum charge of $155 including GST for any gate repairs.



 Q: We already have wooden posts, why would you put aluminium posts in your gate estimate/quote?

A: We are finding more and more the integrity of our gates are being compromised by existing wood fencing and in order to prevent this, we concrete in aluminium posts separate from existing fence lines.



Q: Do you manufacture Gates/Fencing and freight them out of Tauranga ie: New Plymouth, Taupo?

A: The cost of freight far outweighs any savings you might make by choosing to have us make your items, however if you are in the Bay of Plenty, Waikato, Coromandel areas it can still be cost effective.


Q: I have unique ideas for my Gates/Fencing, can you handle variations?

A: Yes we can! We love a challenge! If you can imagine it, we want to make it!


Q: How long will it take to manufacture and install my gates or fencing?

A: Once you have accepted our quote by paying a 50% deposit, we usually allow 3-4 weeks for manufacture, powder coating and installation. It can push out to 5-6 weeks during busy times of the year.


Q: Does it take longer to manufacture over the Christmas/New Year period?

A: Yes it does, our powder coaters stop accepting new work about midway through December so we cannot send any items for powder coating from then on. Also from October we start into the Christmas rush and our time frames can push out to 4-6 weeks with the amount of work that comes in.



Q: What if my existing wood fence is leaning onto our new gate recently installed by you and it no longer closes properly?

A: Our quote does not cover fencing that we have not installed, and as we concrete in our posts or concrete bolt them to concrete paths, we cannot be held liable if your existing fencing is leaning on your new gate. We would recommend you get your fencing contractor to fix this issue for you.


Q: Why won’t you start without a 50% deposit even though I have said I want to go ahead?

A: Once you have paid the 50% deposit, that indicates to us you are serious and want to move forward. If you do not pay the deposit, please do not be disappointed to hear we have not begun manufacturing your items.



Q: What type of hardware do you use on your standard gates?

A: We use cast aluminium Hinges on our cheaper gates and D & D Technologies Truclose Hinges and Lock Latches on our other standard Gates.



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