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CHeck out our selection of gates below

“The Strand” Pedestrian

“The Strand” Pedestrian

“The Strand” Single Swing

“Tay Street” 2/3-1/3

“Tay Street” Classic Bi-Fold

“Tay Street” Slider

“Tay Street” Pedestrian

“Tay Street” Double Swing

“Tay Street” Single Swing

Double Wave – Single Swing

Double Wave- Single Swing

Double Wave – Double Swing

Lunar Pedestrian

Lunar Double Swing

Lunar Single Swing

Eighty-One Wave

Calypso – Double Swing

Calypso – 2/3-1/3

“The Lakes” Aluminium Slat

“The Lakes” Aluminium Slat Single Swing

“The Lakes” Aluminium Slat 2/3-1/3

“The Lakes” Slat 2/3 – 1/3 Vertical 

 “The Lakes” Aluminium Slat Angled Slider


Angled up close

The Strand with Finials Pedestrian

Latitude 34 1/3 – 2/3

Latitude 20 Pedestrian

Stained Pine Pedestrian 

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)


 Pine Double Swing

Pine fastened to Aluminium Frame

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)


Pine Single Swing

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)

Cedar Pedestrian

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)

Cedar Single Swing

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)

Cedar Slider

(See disclaimer under FAC’s)

 “Fergusson Park” Pedestrian


 “Pilot Bay with gaps” Pedestrian

“Pilot Bay with gaps” Pedestrian

“Pilot Bay” Pedestrian


“Pilot Bay” Double Swing


“Pilot Bay” Slider


“Mount Main” Louvre Pedestrian


“Mount Main” Louvre Double Swing

“Mount Main” Louvre Supreme Slider

Tongue & Groove 1/3 – 2/3 Gates




Tongue & Groove

Curved Top – Pedestrian

Tongue & Groove with Pickets – Single Swing

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