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CHeck out our selection of gates below Starting from the most cost effective through to the more expensive

“The Strand” Pedestrian

“The Strand” Pedestrian with Fence Panel

“The Strand” Single Swing

“Tay Street” Pedestrian

“Tay Street” Classic

“Tay Street” Slider

“Tay Street” 2/3-1/3 Gates

“Tay Street” Double Swing

“Tay Street” Single Swing


“Omanu”Slider & Pedestrian

“Omanu” Double Swing

Automated “Kaimai Ranges”

Double Swing

“Black Label” series

“Black Label” series

“Black Label” series

“The Lakes” style Gates are available in 65 or 100mm Aluminium Slats

“The Lakes 65mm”


“The Lakes 100mm Vertical” Double Swing

“The Lakes 65mm”

2/3-1/3 Gates

“The Lakes” Slider

“Karewa 40” Pedestrian

Auto “Karewa 40” Slider

Aluminium “Tongue & Groove” 1/3 – 2/3 Gates

Aluminium “Tongue & Groove Pedestrian” (rear view)

Aluminium “Tongue & Groove with Pickets” Single Swing

Pedestrian Frame* 

*Timber to be added by Client

 Cedar* with Pickets

Single Swing

*Timber to be added by Client


Automated Single Swing Gate Frame*

*Timber to be added by Client

“Fence Panel & Pedestrian Gate*

*We no longer supply or install Wood.

“Gate Frame” Slider

*Timber to be added by Client

“Pilot Bay” with Gaps (fastenings visible)


“Mount Main” style Gates are available in 90 or 120mm Aluminium Louvres

“Mount Main” Pedestrian


“Mount Main” Double Swing

“Mount Main” Slider

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