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Architectural Series

We love to make beautiful gates, fences, screens, frames for garage doors etc, that make a statement and a lasting impression. if you can imagine it, we want to make it!

Aluminium Bespoke Gate

Side View

Prior to powder coating

Vitex* Batten Fence & Gate

*Affixed by Edinbridge Resources Ltd

Vitex Batten Fence & Gate

Vitex Batten Fence & Gate

Latitude 40 Fence & Gate

View from behind

Security Fence & Panels

Cedar* Sliding Screens & Garage Doors

*Affixed by Edinbridge Resources Ltd

 Closeup of Screen

Screens & Garage Doors

Outdoor Shower Screen*

*Cedar affixed by Edinbridge Resources Ltd


Hinged Cedar* Screen

Automated Sliding Gate

Window Screen*

*Cedar affixed by Edinbridge Resources Ltd

Window Screen shut*

Aluminium Bespoke Fencing

Back View

Angled Front View

Aluminium Gothic Automated Gates

 Detail along top

Pedestrian Gate

Aluminium Grapevine Gate

Detail up close

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